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Theremino Mindwave Bridge

The incoming data from the sensor are sent to the slots to allow all kinds of interaction with actuators using your brain.

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Theremino Mindwave Bridge

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Theremino - Master V5
Theremino - Master V5
USB-A to B Cable
USB-A to B Cable

Software apps and online services

Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10
Visual Studio 2015
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015


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Master V5 Schematics

The Master V5 in not really needed, to understand and work with slots, but can help to interact with the real world of sensors and actuators.
Is mandatory if you would interact the actuators.
Theremino master v5 3xtudfir6w



This application acts as a bridge between the Mindwave and Theremino the system. The incoming data from the sensor and sent to slots, allow all kinds of interaction. For example, you could move the engines, on mental commands, or turn on LED for Chromotherapy or induce relaxation self-feedback.
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