Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Ardgen 101
Arduino 101 & Genuino 101
13750 01
SparkFun GPS Logger Shield
I did not use this one, I used a $4 Chinese one from ebay or amazon.
8gb sd card
I bought the cheapest one for $5 from amazon.
Arduino Uno case
I paid $2 on ebay.
Software apps and online services:
Ide web
Arduino IDE
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
I use the free Arduino plugin. Heavy on the magic !
Libraries for the Arduino
Use this to send instructions to the Hardware Neural Network on the 101.


Attach an SD card data logging board to the 101
I took my 101, enclosed it in a protective box, then added the SD card data logger. The whole thing cost me $50. Then I soldered a switch to give me access to the Master Reset.
Image3 wzqxfpjsoz


Marcus OBrien 101 NN Repository
My repository for the Intel Arduino 101 menu system for pattern matching and neural networks



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