Hands-on-lab IoT Weather Station using Windows 10
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Full instructions

This example demonstrates how to leverage the power of Windows 10 IoT Core, and create a weather station using the Sparkfun weather shield.

I2C Accelerometer
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Full instructions

Learn to use I2C by hooking up an accelerometer and reading data off of it.

//build 2014 - Piano
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Full instructions

The original hack from the Windows IoT Maker Team, which debuted at the 2014 //build conference.

AllJoyn Weather Hub
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Work in progress

See home and outdoor information (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure etc.) at any Windows 10 device any time via Rpi2 and AllJoyn.

Pi Skype Monitor
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Full instructions

Connect a Raspberry PI with LEDs to your Skype status. Remind everybody in your house when you are on a call, meeting, or presentation.

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