Closed Loop Control, Remote Sensors and Remote UX on RPi3
  • 75,108
  • 152

Use a PID Controller to monitor a wheel's speed and consistently reach the desired RPM.

Magic VR Hat
  • 499
  • 5

Wear the hat, get transported to different 360 VR experience.

Windows IoT//Build 2015 B15 HoloBot
Super hard
  • 406
  • 2

B15 HoloBot on Windows 10 IoT Core (Raspberry Pi 2 Model B) + Arduino.

Let it Snow - IoT Snow Globe with Virtual Reality Web - V2
  • 100
  • 0

Tip the snow globe over to make it snow in VR or press the temperature sensor to raise the temp and experience smog/haze in VR.

Slot Car Track
  • 511
  • 3

Slot Car Race Track! Hurry!

Azure - UWP Coffee Shop
Super hard
  • 181
  • 0

The UWP app allows you to read the Azure IoT Hub and IoT Suite.

Break Your Heart - Arduino PWM (Control an LED)
  • 36
  • 0

A #Breakyourheart tag for controlling an LED by the potentiometer.

  • 29,489
  • 153

A clone of a popular Magic Mirror project completly rewritten for UWP, with voice recognition to show upcoming news.

Windows 10 IoT Core: UltraSonic Distance Mapper
  • 39,451
  • 110

Scan and draw ruff sketch of distances ahead just like RADAR using UltraSonic Distance Sensor.

UAV Arduino
Super hard
  • 12,484
  • 77

This is one of my personal budget/project made for University to graduate. This Airplane (UAV) is made fully homemade using only arduino.

PHPoc Blue to Control Door Knob by MQTT Protocol and Cortana
  • 588
  • 10

Programming a PHPoc Blue board to control a servo motor to rotate the knob of a door using MQTT Protocol through voice command.

Magic Mirror with Stylist
  • 17,871
  • 67

A smart mirror that can recommend you clothes to wear and display metric data like time, weather and plans.

Internet of Trees
  • 7,437
  • 58

Internet of Trees – Soil Saturation Monitor Using Particle, Azure, and Power Bi

Internet of Trees

Team Microsoft

Smart Garden Drip Irrigation
  • 5,710
  • 31

Timer for watering the garden on a flexible, web set schedule that compensates for weather forecasts of rain and existing soil moisture.

Plot My Face
  • 12,677
  • 32

Using Windows 10 IoT Core's new Lightning API, I built a Face Plotter.

Plot My Face

Team Windows IoT

Project "Gallon" - Smart Drinking Water Monitoring Platform
  • 12,375
  • 33

This project is a platform for drinking water monitoring and analytics, consists of IoT device, cloud, and mobile and web app.

Smart Home Dashboard
  • 14,807
  • 36

Touch screen enabled dashboard to show an overview of and allow controlling your lights, locks, and other smart home devices.

Low-cost Home Automation with Voice Control
  • 16,535
  • 28

An inexpensive open-source home automation solution for low income individuals.

AllJoyn/AutoRemote Garage Door Control Win10 IoT
  • 2,802
  • 10

Garage door control using a PiFace Digital 2 and Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows 10 IoT via AllJoyn/AutoRemote/IFTTT/Adafruit IO.

Smart Parking
  • 3,689
  • 20

it system that managing cars access to parking place by using Rfid Technology

Smart Parking

Team Hadramoot

IoT Pull-Up Bar
  • 5,553
  • 23

GeekTurnik is the first WiFi-connected pull-up bar.

Azure remote switching system
  • 3,923
  • 24

Control your home devices from anywhere around the globe, powered by Microsoft Azure

Windows 10 IoT Core : Hydroflyer
  • 14,846
  • 47

Modify RC boat and maneuver using Windows Phone or Window Laptop.

Remote Heart Rate Monitor
  • 5,653
  • 22

Monitoring the heart rate of somebody, and alerting somebody else when the heart rate is out of set range

Face Detection in Windows 10 IoT core with Oxford Project
  • 8,134
  • 52

When someone show in the camera which is run on Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10 IoT Core, your phone will get notification that who it is.

Gadgeteer StarBoard
  • 721
  • 11

StarBoard is a Gadgeteer module that can be used for decoration or as a fun wearable.

Restful Weather
  • 8,071
  • 35

Weather/Environment logging on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows IoT that is integrated with Adafruit.IO via restful services

Volunteer Manager (IoT)
  • 1,368
  • 18

Volunteer Management IoT App

Theremino - Use the serial port to write data to Slots.
  • 187
  • 4

Theremino_SeriHAL lets you send data to slots from a serial port.

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